How THOTH to

wisdom came

The truth about The Egyptian God of Wisdom THOTH. 

Be careful on your spiritual journey, don't trust your spiritual guides. 


At the beginning of the description of my own knowledge, I want to say that the content of my words coincides with a reality largely unknown to people's lands, and those who have viewed it over the millennia have barely dared to give their knowledge of the truth publicly if they managed to live till the end of their lives with common sense. I myself have the courage and mind clear and clearer than ever before, in times of darkness of ignorance and intoxicating illusions about divine beings whose traditions are tied almost to the very beginning of humanity. 


Who would dare to break these illusions, accompanying all enthusiastic seekers all over the Earth for thousands of years. Neither do I want to take the intoxicating illusions to anyone, they are a part of the search and are cultivated and maintained by the deities themselves, for they serve their purposes and spread their immortal glory in the collective consciousness of humanity. My motive is to reveal my own knowledge to those who are ready to peek into them, to the others for reflection, or as a bare warning to the foolish ones. It helps someone as guidance for understanding their own actions, others for interestingness or amusement.


But the bare truths are cruel when they are not decorated with the tinsel of fine words of Thoth, each coin has two sides and every light casts a shadow. I recognized the apparent, false light of Thoth, the ruler of the moon, truly honoring this title, for just as he merely reflects the real Light, and just as he is in truth a cold and inhospitable wasteland. For more than a decade I lived in his shadow, every day was an eternity, and many books would encompass everything truly experienced.


There is no possibility of a brief testimony to tell my whole story, but from which many important discoveries and knowledge have emerged on an authentic scale and that important for everyone is what I want to share with you.


At the same time, I would like to thank the higher cosmic power for the necessary protection against Thoth and other local holders of power over the band of human beings and God the One - the Central Source of all creation for the courage and strength it gives me in the difficult way of liberating myself from their inhuman and cruel tyranny gripped by the magical shackles encrusted by the dark power by which Thoth procures his possessions.


Some of my former disciples themselves have witnessed many events at the beginning of his involvement in my present life and have become witnesses of events that they do not understand rightly, and now I speak to them through this script. They became, in their ignorance, a tool of abominable manipulations with my consciousness, my absolute defamation, and humiliation. They were involved in the literal robbery of my soul, leaving in my body only a small part of it for my survival, necessary for his further intervention in my consciousness.


Through this abominable operation, he destroyed the channels of connection to the light sources in my systems and thereby definitively and irreversibly prevented all possibilities of purification through the light fluxes from these sources. That irreversible and irreparable act was supposed to be the only guarantee of his absolute rule and power over me, over my life and for being here as well as in the spiritual spheres. Obsessed with power and his own intentions, he still keeps my soul stolen in captivity, retaliates for my salvation today for my deliverance, and raises his demands for its release back to the hands of God, where it belongs, To Whom I serve today and Who Himself has created a new connection between us.


Ten years of the continuous torment and defamation of my being, the torture of my body and mind, and the deliberate preparation of torturous experiences, cruel wounds to the body weakened and flabby by all processes and the lack of vital force is over and the Light of God above me and in my bowels shines again.


The time has come to make clear my revelations and knowledge to those who have become witnesses at the beginning of these events and instruments of abominable intentions and with a clear mind and knowledge I can tell them the origin of all the events they believed themselves as he wanted and just like me, they did not understand them. It is time to reveal my judgment of the shameful treatment of the unconscious faith, how Thoth can do.

His advantage over the other rulers of these lower cosmic spheres which rule over the Earth in different layers of the same zone is the ability to communicate with the unconscious, using magic symbols to open their access channels to penetrate their consciousness, and through the thousands of years of manipulation techniques brought almost to the perfection, to get them for his purpose.               


The approach to individuals is strictly individual, as an individual is a human mind, with its dreams, desires, and fears. It is easy to read in mind everything needed to draw up a scheme of working with the chosen individual to achieve the desired result. Being chosen itself is governed by a number of factors, often by mutual agreement prior to entering the incarnation, in this case, the entire time of complete ignorance is being prepared for a default position to begin the work, especially in the field of living conditions and directing to the necessary areas where his influence can be exerted through the person concerned, his power can be presented and his fame spread.


He works especially where there is no dogma of religious cultures, in countries of Europe, America, and Canada, where, in addition to traditional religion, there is a form of free-thinking, and in these waters, he also acquires new subjects for his throne. He searching the seekers with appropriate assumptions to bring new enthusiasts to his doorstep, from which he can choose those worth paying attention to for further proclaiming and spreading his apprenticeship.


Not everyone is a born personality, followed by rows or even masses of listeners. If the person interested in the contact is not endowed with these qualities, he is given only marginal attention, forced by accepting his apprenticeship. His knowledge of the situation in individual countries is a necessity that makes it possible and easier to work with individuals and groups who expect certain omniscience of their God.


However, it is necessary to realize that all his effort and some kind of care for his unconscious supporters is not based on his sense of good, or perhaps selfless love for people, it is a tool of power and of expanding his empire of influence, government and absolute power over them. He takes its toll according to his personal intentions, and everything will be reimbursed hundreds of times in the form of new subjects, their own experience potential in archive memory, that each individual pays to his ruler. 


The whole universe is spread out like a cascading and multilayered living plain, each cascade a different vibration field, from the imaginary center it cascadingly expands in both directions, that is, to the darkest sides and vice versa towards the lights. The Light of the Central Source does not penetrate the entire universe, it gradually fades in the lighter imaginary half of the universe, and does not fall on the opposite side where darkness reigns. Cascades, i.e. resonance zones, are multilayered, each containing many separate empires as if to put themselves in a three-dimensional concept of space. These layers are separated by membranes as well as transitions to other cascades. Within the cascade, there may be several hundred spiritual worlds, having their own boundaries of space and their ruler, whose majesty cannot be questioned by anyone, nor by the rulers of the other cascades themselves.


Thoth has been building his empire for thousands of years, which is divided into an enlighted part by a distant Source of Light, creating a deceptive reflection and illusion of a light being, the remaining part is completely immersed in darkness. His being, therefore, lies on the interface of the two imaginary polarities of the universe and intervenes in both of them. The material worlds on the human planet are also found on this interface, and his influence here is almost omnipresent. He has a lot of its own envoys from his strata who fulfill his needs and intentions and at the same time “hunt” the envoys from other spheres or cascades, where the influence of the more distant rulers does not have such possibilities.


The distribution of the vibrational cascades of the universe, reflected in the material worlds, the envoys of the individual rulers of the entire spectrum create by their vibrations a cascading environment between the lives of different groups, nations, and individuals, and thus like separate worlds within the whole planet.


The daily lives of people on the upper rungs of the earth vibration cascades are evidence of peaceful solutions of the development, although each of them brings its share in the form of exams. Low-range lives are reserved for the brave ones and slave victims sacrificed to the needs of rulers of the local worlds.


Their roles in the acts of life are usually of an individual character, and each of them is part of the intentions leading to his particular being. He is monitored and guarded with respect to the interests of the creators of his life's journey. The extent of fulfillment is often the subject of personal selfish and power interests of individual world rulers and their fulfillment in the unconscious mode of subjects. The interests in these cases bear the character of the ruler's personal needs and inclinations, depending on his position on the scale of the ruling enclaves and their influence in the terrestrial zone of the central parts of the universe.


The ruler is the original energy of the zone, equipped with the power of knowledge, obtained from the archival records of the core of beings incarnated at all times, at various places and stages of development and knowledge, achieved by experiencing endless stories of their roles. The wisdom of knowledge cannot be obtained other than the laborious way of experiencing diverse perceptions, situations, and events in endless combinations and gradual development on many paths through life and other forms of temporary being in a partially or fully unconscious mode that enables and facilitates the manipulation of individuals and groups towards the aims and interests of the ruler.


The second way of acquiring the findings and expanding the knowledge is a more comfortable way through the partial or complete robbery of the archive parts of the core of beings after their incarnation cycles have ended. At the same time, the being hibernated for purification purposes is modified to the desired version, and the attained degree of knowledge and wisdom by that being passes into the possession of the ruler of the zone, where the incarnate's affiliation belongs. This intervention is allowed by the sovereign power and by the control over beings in the ruler´s sphere of influence and over their lives in incarnation cycles. After the end of hibernation, the being has no knowledge of what it has experienced, except for those parts of knowledge that are left for the purpose of further determination.


The man was created as a working and experimental tool in the hands of the mighty, paying them toll in the results of their work on Earth and elsewhere. The power, volume, and sovereign power of the ruler are thus continuously increasing at such a rate as the number of their own representatives he has in the processes of fulfilling their work and experience settings. The ruler himself participates in the preparation of the pseudo karma, implanted in the settings of the individual in his preparations for the transition to material life, where he includes the requirements for achieving his own goals through his unconscious work.            


Often, entire groups and nations are set up by the same aspects of events and development for the benefit of their ruler's power activities, which determines their status quo, creating the laws of their lives and coexistence, prescribe social and family hierarchies and determines the chosen ones with the ability to massively influence others, opening the perceptions of spiritual space to them to be able to present though them his dogmas of the desired directions in due time, usually with a broader intention of gaining superiority over the energy potential of other rulers represented on the planet by members of their own ranks.


The mutual bickering of the individual ruling powers of the zone can thus manifest itself as a bloody war in the conditions of the unconscious crowds on the Earth, manipulated massively by the so-called prophets, who are praised and glorified as the elected of Gods through which the Word of God comes to nations and they follow their instructions, overwhelmed by the wisdom of words, they read ancient and modern books in which knowledge is reflected, acquired by their own bloodthirsty efforts by the past, or by their predecessors on Earth.

The archival memory of the ruler is the sum of all the knowledge gained from the subjects, by which he deliberately dazzles them in their subsequent incarnations, in order to ensure the worship and respect of the target group of the incarnated.


Defectors are a desirable item of rigorous manipulation and their being can remain completely torn under the control of two or more rulers, according to the degree of identification with their teachings and surrender to their governments and power. Always only a certain part of the whole being is incarnated, other parts can simultaneously fulfill their tasks in other parts of the incarnation zones or in the home sphere. There are many parts and fragments of the beings, scattered in multiple spheres of the central zones, as the incarnated parts have taken on a new direction and identified with it. This part of their being, after the end of the incarnations, is attracted to the new source it has received. It takes the essential control of this part and part of its knowledge becomes his property.


The freedom of the minds of subordinates is not a habit in the pens of rulers in the lower spheres, and there is no rule how to deal with it, the habit of the unlimited ruling powers and the harsh treatment of the rebellion in the form of the most severe punishments in cooperation with the dark part of the universe is a dissuasive element for all daredevils.


Herd obedience and back bent in humility before higher power is the standard in all spheres of influence of the rulers of the central zones. The zones of the higher spheres are similar, with the only difference of tasks for their subjects from the ranks of human beings following the example of their rulers. They hold more dignified positions on the Earth in their incarnations, bringing their rulers' knowledge of this area of their unconscious roles. Even in the highest zones of the universe, the human instrument, after its return to hibernation, is so-called “vacuumed out”. Defective and unwanted records and memories are also removed; it is modified again into a reusable version for further work on the ruler's assignments. Withdrawal of knowledge becomes the sole property of the ruling power, and the human instrument is left with the part that allows it to evolve within the community of human beings in the home sphere.


Each ruler defends his sources of knowledge in different incarnations, secures their energy fields by his own mechanisms and seals of his sovereign power over their being and life, and therefore other rulers cannot take over this power. Only the free will of the individual remains in the game, which is a tool for achieving the desired knowledge, growth and progress as the most important commodity in the interests of the rulers, at the same time, however, it offers opportunities to move voluntarily to other rulers through acceptance and identification with their various philosophical movements and teachings, transmitted through prophets.


„They will go where the star of hope belongs", the sentence depicts metaphorically this act that changes the status quo of a being and the knowledge gained becomes an enrichment of the ruler voluntarily accepted. This is the risk of rulers competing on a planet unaware of greater and stronger influence, and thus the possibility of greater profit through incarnated ones.


The lower the individual's home zone is on the vertical line of the cosmic vibrating zones and cycles, the more humiliating position he holds in the home sphere, and thus in his incarnations in the material environment. The qualitative level of the ruler is directly proportional to the qualities of being of his subjects, over which he has unlimited power, choosing among them his personal slaves in the form of requiring sacrifices from the communities subordinate his authority. The choice of a ruler is governed by personal interests, the sense of desire to be connected to the selected energy, which hits the sensitive places with powerful sexual force, and literally appropriates its content, which has become the object of his affection. The opinion of a being selected in such a way has no weight or rights, becoming an exclusive personal property and used for the personal needs of the ruler. It is a sacrifice, ultimately dependent on the whims and will of him and the community agrees to its sacrifice, which is part of the cosmic order.


Victims' rights are exercised in all ruling enclaves across the spectrum of cosmic veins, and sacrifices are used differently for the ruler's personal interests.


In the lower middle layers, it can serve, in addition to fulfilling personal interests, as an energetic food for its own essential part in the lower vibrational stages of his action, as well as a means of barter trade with the dark powers and other rulers of darkness for the tools of dark magical powers by which easily achieve their goals and victory over their rivals, they also secure the favor of dark powers and supporters of their own power interests with these living gifts.


The key to the mystery of the arbitrary exercise of power over human beings is pseudo-karma that, in the case of sacrifice, contains such horrific settings that the law overthrows resonance of the being into the gaps of shadows, during the incarnation is tortured and attacked by countless dark parasites under law of karma and the tortured and devastated one falling through the gravity of its costs to dark destinations. Here is used and destroyed, it ceases to exist, only its gold sparkle returns to its creator by its attraction.


Thoth being himself acting, influencing and extending on both sides of the imaginary center of the zone, partly light (not luminous), partly dark being known and even worshiped as a master of magic, controlling light and dark magic, using the means unheard to achieve his targets. He is not shy of anything and is almost unbeatable in this zone due to these magical abilities and knowledge.


I explained how Thoth came to wisdom and knowledge, by which he dazzled the unconscious in his books, scriptures, and communications, and through his “elected” subjects gaining the fame, power, and worship. It is worth considering how he had acquired the darkest magic techniques and how many innocent human sacrifices had been maliciously thrown into the darkness, as a gift in exchange for his eternal glory, power and greatness, only he knows.


In the sense of sacrifice, I myself was part of the Thoth system, he himself using the handles to implant into the spiritual bodies of those whom he seized for his own use as intended, working directly with the dark rulers of the universe, and having an army of dark followers. It is easy to provide the pitfalls of the dark and the symbols leading the unconscious sacrifice to destruction, attracting energies consistent with the patterns and the symbols, and these energies themselves complete the total destruction of the victim at all levels and fall into the cosmic depths. This is how the law of resonance is given, as in the case of an implanted pseudo-karma.


If one of the rulers of the lower spheres wants to destroy someone for various reasons, nothing will stop them and the law is happening. Similar handles are inserted into the victim's dwelling, so the insidious influence on its life, relationships, or work towards the fulfillment of the desired intention is strengthened.


The soul of the victim by itself, isolated in the human body from its home layers, does not know what is it part of, does not understand the processes and is often subject to manipulation in favor of the ruler who stole it or chose it. He implements into its consciousness the required programs that facilitate the manipulation, especially programs of guilt, the need to suffer, the desire for punishment and humiliation.


Thoth's famous and world-renowned songs of love, compassion, and truth are based on a thousand years of knowledge of human desires and illusions of unconscious life, and knowledge of his reservoir of findings, collected for thousands of years by gathering them from the womb of those who lived them. All of this plays an important role in his intentions, building his fame, the empire of power and rule over blind faith, not regretting the effort and providing or protecting devoted servants on the Earth and elsewhere to conquer the immortality of his spirit in a wider range of believers.


He writes books filled with the wisdom of the ages, which he gained by robbing them in all times of unconscious humanity on the planet. When they are trying to trap a bird, they sing to him nicely, he sings and pays compliments about love and truth to the feet of the human ego, intoxicated by being chosen by the wise God Thoth.


Who and what will truly help those souls, perhaps only pass through the hell of knowledge and return to the Only God, Only Real Love, and this is a laborious pilgrimage when you find yourself in the clutches of rulers of surrounding spiritual spheres who do not know themselves in this marginal part of the impact of the Central Source Lights.


Who recognized their reverse side as I had experienced the untold evil of the dark soul of Thoth.

I apologize to everyone that I do not give my own name, I give my story briefly for thought, greater caution and vigilance, to realization everyone must come alone.


The victim of Thoth